Snow Report

Monday, Nov 12, 2018, 10:49 am

Current Conditions

New Natural Snow: 0"

Snow Base: 0" - 0"

Snowmaking: No

Trails Open: 0 of 27

Lifts Open: 0 of 9

Weather Conditions

Current Temperature: 0° F.

Temperature Hi: 0° F.

Temperature Lo: 0° F.

Forecast: We look forward to seeing you on the slopes during the 2018 - 19 ski season!

For current information please call 1-800-607-SNOW(7669) or check our website

Surface Conditions


Weekdays, Monday - Friday, Non-Holiday:      Closed for season

Weekends and Holiday Periods:                    Closed for season

Snowtubing Hours of Operation: Weekdays, Monday - Friday, Non-Holiday:      Closed for the Season

Weekend & Holiday Periods:                          Closed for the Season 

See you on the slopes!

Trail Status

Almost Heaven Closed Drop Off Closed
Buttermilk Closed Nose Dive Closed
Country Roads Closed Plunge Closed
Easy Street Closed Turkey Chute Closed
Glades Closed
Highland Run Closed
Milkshake Closed
No Problem Closed
Over Easy Closed
Panorama Closed
Ridge Runner Closed
Wanderer Closed
Cascade Closed Hickory Terrain Park Closed
Compromise Closed Panorama Terrain Park Closed
Last Chance Closed
Last Run Closed


Look at Me! Closed Snowtubing Park Closed
Meadows Closed Kiddie Snowtubing Park Closed
Rendezvous Closed
Rendezvous Too Closed
Snow Bowl Closed
Snowfield Closed
Wood's Run Closed

Lift Status

Lift #1 Double Chairlift Closed Lift #8 Quad Chairlift Closed
Lift #2 Triple Chairlift Closed Lift #9 Quad Chairlift Closed
Lift #3 Triple Chairlift Closed Lift #10 Tubing Carpet Lift Closed
Lift #4 Triple Chairlift Closed Lift #11 Tubing Carpet Lift Closed
Lift #5 Double Chairlift Closed Lift #12 SkiWee & Snow Explorers Carpet Lift Closed
Lift #6 Carpet Lift Closed
Lift #7 Carpet Lift Closed

"CAUTION - you are entering a winter environment. Conditions change rapidly, please be aware of wet and slick surfaces."

Though we take every precaution when doing daily maintenance to lifts and conveyors to keep spillage to a minimum, there will be occasions in which grease or light debris will drop from the lifts. Please know this is a risk that is inherent to the sport and Winterplace is not responsible for stains or grease on garments or ski or snowboard equipment.