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Something exciting is happening at Winterplace Ski Resort! It's our Five Week and Eight Week Ski/Snowboard Club Program. Over the past nineteen seasons, thousands have learned to ski/snowboard in a safe and fun environment--at a very low cost.  Plus, we are excited to continue to offer the 8 Week Program for only $10 per additional session for a total of $30 you can ski/snowboard for 3 more weeks!. 

The Ski/Snowboard Club Program - Designed specifically for 15 or more students. This program is geared toward creating a socially interactive and safe learning environment, plus participating in a healthy outdoor activity. 

This Is How It Works - The program includes five and / or eight skiing/boarding sessions. Each session will begin with a 90 minute lesson by one of our ski school professionals. Winterplace is a member of the Professional Ski/Snowboard Instructors. This is a proven teaching method that we guarantee will teach you how to ski/snowboard safely. Learning to ski/snowboard at Winterplace is fun and exciting! After everyone is comfortable on their gear, we move on to one of our beginner trails which are gently sloping and easily accessible.

The Ski/Snowboard Club Program Includes -  A full mountain lift ticket, equipment rental and a 90 minute ski/snowboard lesson for each of the five or eight sessions. On an individual basis, this would normally cost the 5 week participant $499.75, and the 8 week participant $799.60. But we are proud to offer the Five Week Ski/Snowboard Program for as little as $127.00, total per 5 week participant; or the Eight Week program for as little as $157.00, total per 8 week participant!

One fully-funded Five/Eight Week, Ski/Snowboard Club Program Scholarship is awarded free to one participant for every 10 skiers/boarders. This scholarship covers the entire Five/Eight Week Ski/Board Club Program for one participant. This scholarship includes the group lesson, lift ticket, and equipment rental for all five/eight sessions of this program. You can award this scholarship to a person as an award or an incentive.

Schedule a Five/Eight Week Ski/Snowboard Club Program for your school or business, simply contact:

  • Tom Wagner - 304-787-3221, Ext 158; 800-607-SNOW, Ext 158 or

Meetings, conferences or business parties - Call 800-607-SNOW (7669) or 304-787-3221, Ext. 127.